A Northern California native and graduate of San Francisco State, Brooke Dooley has produced over 90 productions within eight years, including commercials, feature films, music videos and photo shoots. She spent part of that time as Head of Development for a large production company in Santa Monica where she worked with writers and directors to package film and TV projects for major brand sponsorship and mainstream distribution. In 2013, she founded KNOX AVENUE, a creative firm with a roster of fresh directorial talent. Past clientele includes Google, U.S. Navy, Hewlett Packard, Samsung & The Salvation Army, among numerous others. Her work has been seen by millions on the web and broadcast television. She has traveled to Japan, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, France and Pakistan. She continues to attach herself to projects that stimulate a visceral chord with audiences. 


Commercials | Client + Director

U.S. Navy + Klaus Obermeyer

Hover Camera + Debbie Formoso

NIMA Sensor + Side of Fries 

Google + Bradley Tangonan

Netmundial / ICANN + Gregory Tuzin

Hewlett Packard + Howard Cao

Hewlett Packard Dual Sim + Side of Fries

Marvell / Kellogg's + Side of Fries

Kraft Mac N Cheese + Side of Fries

Close5 + Debbie Formoso

Valio Milk + Route 1

Samsung + Richard Tindall

Viasat + Richard Tindall

Pringles / Star Wars + Side of Fries

Kool-Aid + Side of Fries

Braun + Side of Fries

Gushers + Side of Fries

Shutterstock + Side of Fries

Wondersitter + Debbie Formoso

Swiftype + Noah Lagin

Cathay Bank + Side of Fries

TripleSpot + Gregory Tuzin & Brent Bishop

Yingli Energy + Noah Lagin

Seed Kitchen + Maury Covington

P&G Everyday + Debbie Formoso

McDonalds + Side of Fries

Ricola + Side of Fries

Gain + Side of Fries

Chloraseptic + Side of Fries

Frog Tape + Side of Fries

CrampsAWAY + Side of Fries

Lovoo + Willie Schumann

Doritos + Side of Fries

Rustoleum + Side of Fries

AXE + Side of Fries

Zest + Side of Fries

My Audiobook Library + Maury Covington

Bud Light + Side of Fries

Bud Light + Ryan Belenzon

Heineken + Ryan Belenzon

Career Builder + Ryan Belenzon

Photoshoots | Client + Director

Hewlett Packard + Howard Cao

Maker City LA + Gregory Tuzin

Magic Box LA + Gregory Tuzin

MotoFast USA + Luke Rocheleau

Films | Title + Director

Listen + Erahm Christopher

I Think it’s Raining + Joshua Moore

Special Forces + Phil Bucci

Billionaire + Edgar Honetschläger

Marbles + Seth Craven

No Rest for the Wicked + Henry Kim

Perfect Effort + Stephen Lilly

Sunnyside + Bradley Tangonan

Shifting Tides + Bradley Tangonan

Contractor’s Routine + Yuri Tsapayev

Smash, Grab, Therapy + Andre Lomov

Charlie Roznik + Andre Lomov

Wake - Matt Townsend

Blue Evening - Tanyluz Sciortino

Music Videos | Artist + Director

Burns + Alistair LeGrand

Biffy Clyro + Elliott Sellers

Oona + Side of Fries

G.E.M. + Juuso Syrja

Confide + Luke Rocheleau

Lucia Comnes + Aaron Proctor

Boomerang + J.W. Cudd 

Documentary | Client + Director

Salvation Army SF Kroc + Luke Rocheleau

Superfood Warrior + Maury Covington

Inspiration LA + Gregory Tuzin

Photo LA + Gregory Tuzin

Scare LA + Gregory Tuzin 

Shadow Hills Riding Club + Will Del Rosario

Tomorrow’s Roundtable + Mike Wike